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freedom & FLEXIBITY

I am fortunate to have been introduced to online business back in 2018 and it opened my mind to a whole world of possibilities. Traditional ways of thinking and earning money were all I had previously been exposed to, until I learned the skills needed to create a life of freedom and flexibility.

The most valuable asset we have is our time, and having the ability to spend it how we choose is priceless.

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Avoid the #1 mistake most aspiring online entrepreneurs make! Which is not laying a solid business foundation. We will show you how to stand out from the noise by following our proven framework to get crystal clear on your mission, vision, and purpose so that you can launch a business the right way and begin working on your true calling.



Save years of trial and error when launching an online business from scratch that has the potential to scale past $10k a month. We'll show you what's "working now" in online marketing, help you set up the perfect business model for you, get you positioned with highly desirable and relevant offers, and show you exactly how to get and keep customers.



Implement wealth strategies that you need to scale your business. Collaborate with our most ambitious members and experts so you can grow your business to new heights through proven high-leverage tactics and processes that lead to limitless impact and income while NEVER sacrificing what matters most to you. A life you love!



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We’ll teach you everything you need to unlock your potential and make your dream business a reality. These are the same video workshops that got me started and have enabled my online businesses to have a global impact on peoples lives.

Is online business right for you? No idea, I don’t know you. But I do know it;’s worth a little bit of your time to check it out and see for yourself. Use the button below to find out.


Choose the dream business model for you and learn how to earn increased profits by "keeping it simple", without adding distraction or complexity to your business.


Discover the exact steps to pinpointing your perfect customer avatar and avoid the overwhelm of trying to sell to anyone and everyone.


Learn how to turn online marketing into revenue and how to promote, engage, and build a loyal audience without having to spam social media, pick up the phone, or chase people.


Discover the steps to grow your business and still have a life. Develop the systems to ensure your business isn't always dependent on you being there for it to succeed.

leader of exceptional people

Danny Hamm

We offer products and services designed to help people grow financially, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and through LivinGrateful Impact, we give people the opportunity to do some good and have an impact on the lives of others.

I have personally used and received a tremendous amount of value from the products and services offered and the select few foundations we promote are all ones that I support with time, money, products, or other resources.


What they saY

Philip Robison

"Through the study that I've been able to do here, I've learned a lot of the skills about online marketing and connecting with other people to the point where I'm building a global network for men's health... helping men reclaim their sovereignty over their health."

Linda Lou Schreiber

"I hated my boss and I always wanted to start my own business. I already had more experience in selling physical products...and something clicked - dog subscription box with healthy high-quality treats and chewing snacks. Now I'm selling in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany!"

Nicole Nagelgast

"I could not have created this product and have it ready for the market this fast without the incredible help of this education, the community, and all the knowledge I’ve gained here in the past 2 years! Truly grateful!"

Matt Cooke

"Between my e-commerce business and the other affiliate products I sell, I hit the six-figure mark. $100k in commission earned. With the majority earned in 2020 alone! In February 2021, myself and my best mate launched our own course and coaching business and have reached the milestone of $10k within our first month. This wouldn’t have been a reality without the training here!"

David Lafferty

"I've started to really get down to the planning of my online business. It's now becoming more tangible. I can now start to engage with this plan and take massive action. It's drawing me towards the outcome. Things are becoming clearer- Life is good!"

John Bromley

"We hit the half a million mark even though my original target of just $10,000 a month would have been a dream come true. It’s due to being part of this community, having experts around me, hearing and listening, and getting clear on how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together."

Cordelia Kate

"I found marketing education and a community that gave me everything I needed...and within 6 months of starting my business, I ended up quitting nursing. If someone told me a couple of years ago, ‘You're going to be running a six-figure business,’ I wouldn't have believed it."



Learn the exact steps to prepare, launch & grow your dream online business!